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LED Lamps & Nightlight

Using LED bulbs in your home is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption. LED lights consume up to 90% less power and can last up to 50x longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

HVAC Whistle

HVAC whistles are placed on your furnace filter to alert you when the filter has become clogged. Replacing a clogged filter increases your heating and energy efficiency and improves your home’s air quality.

Energy-Efficient Showerhead

Reduce energy and conserve water by replacing your standard showerhead with an energy-efficient showerhead. With high-efficiency showerheads, you’ll use less water without sacrificing water pressure.

Faucet Aerators

Using our faucet aerators in your kitchen and bathrooms helps to conserve water usage and reduces energy costs. They are easy to install and can even reduce faucet noise and improve your faucet’s water pressure!

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